Essential Roof Repairs in Kent and South East London

When you notice signs of damage to your roof, such as evidence of a leak or the appearance of cracked tiles, it doesn’t automatically mean that you need a new roof. Simple repairs are often all that are required to make a roof watertight again. The key is to fix the issue quickly before it escalates from a small problem into a large one.

At Greenway Roofing Specialists, we have extensive experience with roof repairs and can quickly pinpoint the source of your issue. Our specialist roofing contractors are on hand throughout Kent and South East London to visit your property and rectify the problem quickly.

All of these applications are provided with a 10-year guarantee.


Your roof withstands all weather conditions, including rain, sun, high winds and snow. An occasional repair will inevitably be needed and this can range from broken or missing tiles, cracked downpipes, blocked guttering, repointing and chimney repairs to rotting joists.

Our qualified roofing experts will visit your property to find the cause of the problem and provide you with a cost-effective solution to remedy it. All of our roofing contractors are highly skilled and will ensure your roofing work is carried out quickly, efficiently and to the highest standard.

Repointing and replacing ridge tiles

Occasionally, the ridge tiles on your roof can become loose, often as a result of high winds, and need to be fixed back in place, which is called repointing. Our expert roofers can deal with this swiftly for you to ensure that water doesn’t seep through the gaps and to prevent loose ridge tiles from being blown off the roof.

When your ridge tiles need replacing, we strive to match the replacement tiles with your existing ones, taking into account the style, material and weathering effect on your current ridge tiles. This ensures the replacements blend in with the rest of your ridge tiles for a seamless look to your roof.

Chimney stacks tend to be the most problematic parts of roofs purely for the fact that they are so prominent. As they are so exposed to the elements, the materials can deteriorate faster than other roofing materials, leading to water leaks in your home, unstable stacks and even the risk of disintegration.

Cement work that has failed can cause water penetration in your property. Our expert roofers can repair cracked rendering and repoint the brickwork on your chimney stack. Lead flashings can become damaged or loose over time so the renewal or fixture of these helps protect your home or business from water damage. Our skilled roofing contractors can also deal with chimney stack restoration or, if need be, the removal of a chimney stack.

We also handle roofing projects relating to insurance work. In the event you have submitted an insurance claim for damage to your roof, we will meet the adjuster at your property while they carry out their inspection. Following this, we will liaise with your insurance company should they request any information from us and then carry out the repair work to your roof once they have finalised the claim with you.

It is impossible to predict when a leak may occur in your roof and we offer an emergency repair service for just those occasions. Our roofing specialists are available 24/7 to handle your emergency call-outs — just contact us on 07789 910808 for an immediate response.

All of our roofing contractors are qualified and experienced so will know exactly how to resolve the issue quickly and safely. If materials need to be ordered to finish the repair job completely, a temporary repair will be carried out in the meantime to protect your property from damage.

Our expert roofers operate throughout Kent and South East London so no matter where your home or business is located, they can respond to your roofing emergency quickly. If you need to make an insurance claim for the emergency repair work – it could be due to storm damage, for example – we will help you with this. Our roofing specialists will take photos of the damage and provide you with a detailed quotation of the work needed for you to give to your insurance company.



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