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A pitched roof has a classic look that adds character to your property. Its design provides better protection against the weather than a flat roof, thermal insulation, enhanced loft space and it has a long lifespan. Whether you are looking for a new roof installation or a roof repair for your residential or commercial property, we can handle any pitched roofing project in Kent or South East London.

At Greenway Roofing Specialists, we offer a vast selection of tiles for you to choose from for your pitched roof, including slate, clay and concrete tiles of varying colours and textures.

All of these applications are provided with a 10-year guarantee.


Slate tiling is a traditional roofing material that has been used for centuries. Mined in numerous countries, such as Wales, Spain, China and Canada, each piece has a unique texture to give your roof an authentic finish. Welsh slate is globally recognised as being of the highest quality and it has a minimum lifespan of 75 years. As you might expect, it is the most expensive option but we also offer other natural slate choices that have life expectancies reaching 60 years.

As well as natural slate, man-made slate is another option to consider. It has been manufactured to have the same appearance as natural slate but is more affordable. It is lightweight and rarely breaks so the installation process can be cheaper as fewer fixings are required.

Clay tiling is also a traditional and natural roofing material. It has a very long lifespan and is an environmentally responsible choice for your pitched roof. It is a sustainable material and, due to the vast array of colours, finishes and sizes that clay tiles are available in, it produces a more original look for your roof.

Concrete tiling is a more affordable option. It is durable and manufactured in a wide range of sizes, colours and styles as well as having a smooth or rough texture. The downside to using concrete tiles is that they have a shorter lifespan compared with slate and clay tiles.

We offer an extensive range of pitched roof services including the professional installation of a new roof. We have a wide range of high-quality materials for you to choose from depending on the look you want to achieve, the type of property you have and any budget you may wish to adhere to. We use only the best materials available and our qualified roofing contractors provide you with the highest level of workmanship. We also provide you with a 10-year guarantee for your new pitched roof installation.

If an existing roof needs to be removed first, our expert roofers will work quickly and efficiently to do this in a safe and tidy manner with minimal disruption to the rest of your property. When we construct your new roof, you can rest assured it will be done with the highest level of expertise, enhancing the style and character of your home or business.

Should you need a repair to your pitched roof rather than having a new one installed, we can easily attend to this for you. When replacing missing or damaged tiles, we will source reclaimed tiles that blend in seamlessly with your existing roof tiles.



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