Flat Roofing Experts in Kent and South East London

Our professional roofing contractors specialise in all flat roof requirements. Whether you need a flat roof repair or a new flat roof installation, we can help with any domestic or commercial project within Kent and South East London.

At Greenway Roofing Specialists, we offer varying flat roofing solutions for you to choose from: a three-layer felt system, GRP, single ply and lead roofs.

All of these applications are provided with a 10-year guarantee.


This technique for flat roofing involves three layers of felt being applied to your roof using a blowtorch. The welding action ensures the felt is fully bonded to your roof and creates a waterproof seal to provide long-lasting protection.

The first layer of modified bitumen is perforated and melted to your roof. A sanded underlay is applied as the second layer, which is melt-welded so that it becomes bonded with the first layer. A fire-rated cap sheet is bonded on top as the third layer of the felt system. Building regulations state that three layers must be used for habitable areas. However, if you require this application on your shed or garage, two layers are adequate.

The three-layer felt system is the most cost-effective flat roofing option and it is very durable, long-lasting and resistant to UV rays. It is also incredibly versatile in that you can choose between various aesthetics, such as a reflective finish or a different colour.

GRP is a very strong yet lightweight flat roofing solution. Chopped strand mat glass fibres are combined with polyester resin and the resulting laminate is applied to your roof cold, rather than needing a hot torch as with the three-layer felt system. As the laminate is laid in liquid form, there are no seams or joins. The GRP is applied over a new deck and finished with a hard-wearing topcoat.

As well as being a lightweight system, GRP is resistant to UV rays and is leakproof. It is fire retardant, does not rot, is easy to clean and is practically maintenance-free. It has a clean, tidy appearance and you can choose between various colours that are available.

Single-ply roofing systems are a popular choice for flat roofs. With a single sheet of material, it is quick to apply and very lightweight. This cost-effective method includes a single-ply membrane that is easy to install and has an airtight construction. It provides exceptional weather resistance, is durable, fire retardant and resistant to punctures and tears. It is suitable for use on flat roofs of all sizes and is available in various colours.

Ideal for flat roofs, lead is malleable and can be moulded into the required forms to fit your roof neatly. The joins are welded so you benefit from watertight coverage. The long-lasting material is durable, weather-resistant and resistant to corrosion. Not only is lead roofing strong and durable but it is aesthetically pleasing too. It has a distinctive, elegant appearance, which makes it an attractive choice for your home or business. As lead is 100% recyclable, it is also an environmentally friendly choice for your flat roof.



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